Sergio Camacho Bio music composer for media, sound designer, films, video Games

My name is Sergio and I'm passionate about music, sound design, films and games.

I play guitar, bass, synths and lots of stompboxes. I also have plenty of gear that I use in different projects creating original music, sound and FX for movies, videogames and performing arts.

I have 10+ years experience and background in music and audio engineering but I really enjoy music experimentation with a dissident and a free spirit approach.


I usually write, record and mix in my studio in Barcelona


I work both Mac and Pc computers.
Intel Xeon, lots of Ram and SSD Drives for fast performance and huge projects management.

Reaper is my DAW of choice, but I also work with Ableton Live and Pro Tools for unlimited flexibility.
I'm an Adobe Premiere, FMOD and Unity user as well.

Audient interface with 10-in/14-out, High End Burr Brown AD/DA Converters performing at 24bit/96khz on Yamaha and ADAM studio Monitors.

Fender Telecaster and Precision Bass, Takamine acoustic, Ableton Push, Arturia Keystep, OP-Z, Eventide Delays and lots of mics, FX, midi controllers and foot pedals.

I have a high-bandwidth fiber optic connection for remote workflow




Feel free to contact me any time. I can provide demos and answer any questions

Tel: +34 609 955 565

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